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View the document DBA_thumb.gif 'SME can key factor for enhancing D-8 Countries', the information provided in a seminar of DBA of EWU
The Department of Business Administration, East West University, arranged a seminar on the topic 'An Integration of D-8 Countries with the Focus on Competitiveness, Opulence and Economic Accretion via the Advancement of SMEs: Bangladesh Perspective and Scope of Cooperation' on 22 May 2014. Mr. Md. Shakib Hossain, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, EWU, presented the research paper. In his presentation, Md. Shakib informed that for improving economic relations between the member countries of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey formed D-8 in 1997. However, they have failed to fulfill the objectives of improving member states position in the global economy, or diversify and create new opportunities in trade relations like the EU and ASEAN. Lack of political will is one of the reasons for the limitations. Mr. Shakib suggested in his paper that, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is an important player in the global market for alleviating poverty and unemployment and generating opportunity and exploring apparent resources for D-8 Countries. Prof. Ahmed Shafee, Vice Chancellor of East West University, was the Chief Guest in the seminar. He added that, D-8 countries have one common factor they have large Muslim populations, but geographical separation, and corruption and other factors can impede integration. Dr. Tanbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics and Chairperson, DBA, reminded the audience that the objective of the seminar was to enhance the sharing of research knowledge among the faculty members and students.
22 May, 2014
Source: East West University