EWU Digital Library

East West University Library (EWUL) is the first University Library in Bangladesh that has taken an initiative to build a true digital library with Greenstone Digital Library Software by the EWU library professionals. Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL) has been taken in consideration for the some unique features of this software. A group of ICT skilled library professionals are still working on it. Our mission is to make the digital library concept easy to the general users as well as library professionals. The user of this digital library will experience a real library in digital format. We are trying to make our library flexible and diversified and user friendly even for the layman to the Internet world. Our digital library is self explanatory and easy to use. EWU library is the country coordinator of Digital Library Network in South Asia (DLNetSA). So we are trying to represent Greenstone Digital library in Bangladesh with the attractive interface for our users. We are trying to make this digital library rich comprising maximum format and design of documents for our users and also for our GSDL network members in Bangladesh. EWU library is designed for its community, the general people of our country and library professionals who are interested about digital library, can get new idea for development of their digital library. Our effort to develop this digital library for reaching the country's dream “A Digital Bangladesh”.

How to use EWU digital library

You can easily access any collection clicking on a collection of our digital library home page. Then there will be two option to find out the required documents from the library. One is browsing that is more easy for the new user. You should click on the subject, title, author, publisher etc to get list of our documents. Some of the menus provide hierarchical arrangement of documents. In this case you should click on the sub-collection that is represent bookshelf icon. Another option is searching with different keyword. You can put any keyword in the search box and specifying the keyword type from search menu then simply press enter button or click on search button. If you want to get advanced searching option go to preference to select advanced search option. Some of the documents of our collection can also be search-able through EWU Library Catalogue(OPAC). In this case simply click on the link "full text available" to get access to those document. It will take you to our digital library.

Bengali Interface

If you don't feel comfort with English interface of this digital library simply click on preference button and select language from the list and You will get Bengali interface in the digital library.