Trends and Factors of Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh: Some Observations


Children are not born as delinquents. Most of the children become delinquents due to the socio-economic circumstances in Bangladesh, not by their choice. Juvenile delinquency has emerged as a matter of serious concern in recent times with the rising number of children involved in unlawful activities. However, day by day the number of male and female delinquents is increasing and they are involved in different types of offences such as theft, hijacking, carrying illegal arms and drugs, killing, trafficking, smuggling and fraudulent activities. They have become victims of various socio-economic circumstances like poverty, lack of guidance, extensive use of satellite channels, misuse of internet and peer pressure etc. Consequently, present social structure destroying juvenile’s childhood resulting in denial of their rights, for example: family life, education, health, games, care and protection. This particular problem requires special care, positive attention and child-friendly attitude for their protection and prevention. This article explores the present trends and major socio-economic factors of juvenile delinquency in Bangladesh.

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