Enforced Disappearance in Defiance of Human Rights: A Critical Review of Legal and Institutional Aspects from Bangladesh Perspective


Enforced disappearance is an atrocious violation of human rights. It affects victims in many ways, including constant fear for their lives, their families go through an emotional roller coaster of hope and despair and waiting for news that might never come. The disappeared person, indeed, is completely deprived from the protection of national and international legal instruments. According to the reports of some national and international human rights monitoring organisations, the volume of enforced disappearance has been alarming in the recent years in Bangladesh. The surfacing of the crime as a grave security concern in Bangladesh, therefore, provides a reasonable justification of this study. The paper presents a critical analysis on the existing legal and institutional functions in Bangladesh relating to the practice of enforced disappearance. Prior to that, the article attempts to make the readers acquainted with the conceptual issues and historical evidences concerning to that particular approach of criminal offence.

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