Training on Koha and Greenstone Softwares held successfully

Event date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2013

“Digital library for digital Bangladesh”- inspired by such concept, East West University Library has conducted training on Greenstone Digital Library Software and Dspace. These softwares are open source and ideal for the creation of full-text searchable, indexed collections of documents. As such, the software can be utilized for archiving purposes in addition to the creation of online digital library collections as well as institutional Repository.

A three day long training designed for the library professionals of Bangladesh has recently ended at EWU University Library. The training workshop was offered from 12-14 September, 2013 at East West University, initiated by Dilara Begum
Head of Library, East West University and General Secretary, Digital Library Network in South Asia (DLNetSA). The program covered the participants to develop knowledge and practical skills in installation and implementation of GSDL and DSpace which they can utilize in their own institutions and Delivery of the training was carried out by technical experts from the East West University Library. Participants include staffs from different academic libraries, and other organizations looking for effective archiving options. The training included hands on training on software installation, customization, and creation of test collections of photos, documents, and books. The workshop will assist library professionals of Bangladesh to build and manage digital library.

At the closing session of the training, Dilara Begum said the main purpose of this workshop is to share knowledge with the other professionals of Bangladesh and Vice-chancellor of EWU Prof Ahmed Shafee, also said open source software are going to be popular throughout the world, we also have to cope with such open source software and distributed certificates among the successful participants.