EWU Launches Bachelor of Information Studies and Library Management


East West University launches Bachelor of Information Studies from Spring 2016. This program consists of a total 120 credit hours distributed across 12 semesters. As we know that the growing demand of knowledge and information has been changing rapidly particularly in education, knowledge management, research and development sectors.  EWU’s Bachelor of Information Studies reflects the critical importance of information and knowledge management across a wide range of fields and institutions. This program will provide hands on training on emerging topics in information and knowledge management. 

Information studies or information science or i-schools become more popular particularly in North America and Western Europe. This program is designed taking the course modules from the universities offering “Information Science and Library Management” in Bangladesh and information studies, information science and i-schools of India, Australia and western countries. The program name i.e. “Information studies” is fully compatible with the existing programs offered at tertiary level education worldwide. The students graduating in this subject will find themselves in the proper place if they wish to contemplate on higher studies and research abroad. The program has many career opportunities for the university graduates at home and abroad. Attractive and vast range of job opportunities in this field includes National and International Organizations, Research Centers, Media Centers, NGOs, Government Organizations,  Public and Private Academic Institutions, Academic Libraries, Special Libraries, Public Libraries, Archives, Record Centers, Museums, Documentation Centers, Information Centers, Embassy, Cultural Centers, Electronic Publishing, Resource Centers, Healthcare organizations, law firms, Digital media-based services for business education, scientific, entertainment, or manufacturing industries and so on.

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